Postgraduate level

Ph.D. in Biochemistry

Biochemistry makes advance many causes, including cancer , toxicological contaminants and the design of biomaterials researches. Thanks to its biomedical, toxicological and biotechnological orientations, the Ph.D. in biochemistry favors the students in the realization of an original research project in order to develop their scientific autonomy as well as their theoretical and applied knowledge in the field.

Promoting synergy between disciplines, the program trains biochemists, researchers and university professors who take an active part in the advancement of scientific discoveries. Graduates work in government agencies, patent and regulatory agencies, medical clinics, and the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and agri-food industries.

Ph.D. in Chemistry

Chemistry research leads to innovative solutions for human health, energy and nanomaterials. Encouraging the autonomy and inventiveness of students, the Ph.D. trains researchers who participate in discoveries in all disciplines to which chemistry contributes. He stands out for his work on solar energy, natural products and therapeutic approaches.

Throughout the program, the student defends a problem, supervises the research activities and presents his results in the form of communications and publications. The training opens career opportunities in polymer chemistry, sugar and dendrimer chemistry, organic chemistry, electrochemistry, photochemistry, organometallic chemistry and environmental chemistry. Holders of a Ph.D. in chemistry will be able to work in industry, government or as a university professor in the fields of research, higher education and the management of the scientific sectors in company.

Département de Chimie

Le Département de Chimie offre un enseignement en chimie et en biochimie permettant d’acquérir licences, maîtrises et doctorats. Les programmes d’études comportent de nombreux travaux pratiques qui permettent aux étudiants de mettre en application les règles et les principes de leur discipline. Le département abrite aussi une vingtaine de groupes de recherche dans des créneaux originaux de la chimie et de la biochimie.



Université du Québec à Montréal
Département de Chimie
2101, rue Jeanne-Mance
Montréal, Québec, H2X 2J6